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Americans United
San Antonio
P. O. Box 100806
San Antonio, TX 78201-8806

Board of Directors
Eric F. Lane, President
Joe Brake, Vice-President
Philip T. Valente, Secretary
Richard C. Waits, Treasurer
Nick Lee
Rhett Smith
R. J. Fields, Jr., Web outreach
Board Meets every 3rd Monday
6:00 P.M.
2803 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio
[inside the gates of the
Primrose at Monticello
Park Senior Apartments]
Meetings are free and
open to the public
General Assembly
7:00 P.M.
3rd Tuesday of
Jan., Apr., July, & Oct.
Location TBA



Welcome to the San Antonio Chapter of


Americans United for Separation of Church and State


Americans United was founded in 1947 by religious, political, and educational leaders to defend the most precious of our nation’s freedoms—the freedom of conscience.


At the time of AU’s founding, the greatest threat to religious liberty was the drive to obtain public tax dollars for private religious institutions.  As a result of the “parochiaid” controversies, AU’s membership grew rapidly until there were AU members throughout the United States.  Although opposition to any form of parochial school aid has remained an important part of AU’s mission, the organization has expanded its work to include opposition to government-mandated religious exercises and prayer in the public schools, ‘faith-based’ initiatives, and advocating for the inherent right of all Americans to practice their religion or no religion at all freely without government interference.


In the early years the membership of Americans United was primarily Protestant.  Today, its membership has grown to include diverse people of faith, and people of no particular religious viewpoint, who believe church-state separation is crucial to the preservation of freedom of conscience.  Americans United has no formal ties to any religious denomination, but works closely with religious groups (denominations, congregations, faith-based organizations, and clergy) that share its commitment to church-state separation.  It is a fact in American life that the majority of people of faith support separation of church and state.  As the Religious Right gained financial and political power throughout the 1980’s, Americans United increasingly responded to its efforts to tear down the wall of separation.  Stepping up its educational, legal, grassroots, and legislative efforts, AU works to counter the virulent anti-separationist propaganda of the Religious Right.  Americans from all walks of life and various religious, political, and philosophical persuasions have gathered under the organization’s banner to stand against religious intolerance and defend the constitutional principle of separation of church and state.


I invite you to become a member of our Chapter.  By doing so you will join with thousands of people throughout this country who view freedom of conscience as the founding principle upon which our democracy rests!  Your voice is multiplied as Americans United works on the critically important issue of church-state separation.


 Join us.  Become a member.


 --Eric Lane, President, San Antonio Chapter



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