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Board of Directors
Eric F. Lane, President
Joe Brake, Vice-President
Philip T. Valente, Secretary
Richard C. Waits, Treasurer
Nick Lee
Rhett Smith
R. J. Fields, Jr., Web outreach
Board Meets every 3rd Monday
6:00 P.M.
2803 Fredericksburg Road
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Primrose at Monticello
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Meetings are free and
open to the public
General Assembly
7:00 P.M.
3rd Tuesday of
Jan., Apr., July, & Oct.
Location TBA
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Over the years there are numerous, sometimes rancorous and emotionally-charged attacks on the First Amendment's guarantee of a wall of separation between church and state.  Because there are thankfully many national-level organizations devoted to protecting the First Amendment from these many challenges, most having a wealth of information on their respective websites, AUSA will not attempt here to duplicate their efforts.  Our goal is rather to bring attention to those issues that are more local, regional or statewide in scope, while occasionally spotlighting significant or landmark national developments.


Lawbutton48The 'scales of justice' icon is an attempt to give you a summary, background or synopsis of the legal framwork relevant to a particular issue.  The law pertaining to an issue is sometimes unsetted, controversial and complex, so follow any provided content links for further information.